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About Integrated Health & Fitness

Integrated Health and Fitness is a holistic Health Coaching business that offers multiple services including Health Coaching, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Fitness and Nutrition. I am a qualified professional who looks forward to partnering with you to reach your health goals.

Embarking on a path to improved health, fitness and mental well-being is a deeply personal and unique journey. At Integrated Health & Fitness, I understand that it's not a one size fits all endeavour. Flexibility, versatility, and an open-minded approach are at the core of my client-centred philosophy. 

Working online with clients, locally, nationally and internationally.

In person session are conducted in a private space based in Surrey, GU24.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching works with you to boost your overall well-being by addressing different aspects of your life. While people generally know how to improve their health, the real challenge is committing to lasting changes and forming habits that stand the test of time instead of relying on quick fixes.

Working  alongside a Health Coach allows you to team up, identifying and put into action new habits tailored to your lifestyle.

Regular sessions help you stay committed and on the right path for enduring changes.

By integrating Functional Medicine, Yoga, Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindfulness, I am committed to enhancing the well-being of my clients and myself. Together, we can tackle challenges, set realistic and attainable goals, and rejoice in successes and achievements.

Other Services


Yoga is a profound passion in my life. After a history of an active and busy sports lifestyle that resulted in injuries, I recognised the necessity to slow down and safeguard my body. While I always had a personal practise in yoga, it wasn't until I delved deeper into various yoga styles and trainings that I discovered its extensive supportive benefits. This journey allowed me to incorporate dynamic and challenging practices like sculpt yoga on energetic days and embrace relaxing and restorative yoga on days when my body needed restoration.


Teaching Yoga face-to-face in local studios, online and one-to-one basis in a private space located in West End, Surrey GU24. 


The purpose of hosting retreats is to offer individuals a getaway from the demands of daily life, providing a chance to concentrate on their genuine aspirations for the future. These retreats serve as a platform to improve both health and mindset in a scenic location, enabling participants to return to their normal lives with positive transformations.

Holding retreats locally and internationally- see my latest retreat launched January 2024.

Courses & Workshops

Drawing from a varied background and expertise across all facets of health and wellness, I can create personalised courses and workshops  tailored to your needs or those of your company. 


Feel free to schedule a time for a discussion about your needs.


Patricia Paisis-Oakwell

 'It’s an understatement to say that I am passionate about  leading a healthy and happy life." I live and breathe what I do, and I am extremely grateful to be able to share this with others.

Twelve years ago, I found myself mentally, physically, and emotionally drained—juggling parenting three young children, running two demanding businesses with my husband, and neglecting my well-being. My health suffered, and I realised it was crucial to make a change. 

I collaborated with an integrated health practitioner. Utilising comprehensive testing, we addressed issues such as gut dysbiosis, food intolerances, adrenal dysfunction, stress, anxiety, and hormone imbalances. A personalised plan encompassing whole foods, dietary supplements, increased movement, improved hydration, stress reduction, and enhanced sleep quality led to a transformative improvement in my health. This journey ignited a profound passion, propelling me to further enhance my skills and knowledge in various aspects of health and wellness through continuous education, workshops, trainings, and qualifications.

Fast forward to today,  my goal is to leverage my skills and education to support those encountering challenges, feeling stuck, or uncertain about where to begin in prioritising their physical and mental health.


Patricia is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach qualified from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy  and a Member of the UK and International Health Coaches Association. Details of the Scope of practise is available to view on the UK and international Health Coaching Association.

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy accreditations:  FMCA This is the only program designed in collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine - (IFM), an approved health and wellness coaching program by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching – (NBHWC). The IFM sets a gold standard for education, training, and clinical practice in the field of functional medicine, sharing many of the same faculty members and much of the same course content.


  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach   ( FMCHC) - Functional Health Coaching Academy

  • ​Health coaching for People with Cancer - Health Creation

  • Member of the UK and International Health Coaching Association - UKIHCA 

  • 350+ Yoga teacher - Hot Yoga, Freestyle Yoga, Sculpt Yoga, Freestyle Fitness Yoga - Various trainings 

  • 500 hour Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist (currently enrolled) - Yoga Medicine 

  • Mindfulness and Well-Being Specialisation teacher - Rice University

  • Level 5- Professional Diploma -Nutritional Therapist - Health Sciences Academy

  • Personal Trainer.  Gym Instructor and Group Exercise trainer - Fit College - Australia

  • Older adults and child/ adolescent trainer - Fit College - Australia

  • Allied Health Referral qualified - Fit College - Australia

  • Detox, Cleanse and Weight Loss Advisor - College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Resident Wellness Expert - Wentworth Club

  • Session leader - teaching  7-12year olds about healthy living  - The Sunningdale Academy

  • DBS clearance

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