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About Integrated Health & Fitness

Integrated Health & Fitness is a holistic health coaching business that offers multiple services including nutrition, fitness and yoga. We are a team of qualified professional who look forward to partnering with you to reach your health goals.

We believe in getting to know our clients and building a plan that meets their needs. We use years of experience as a health coach and fitness professionals to make sure you are feeling supported and motivated.

Whatever your goal is, we are here to help you achieve it. Whether it's to feel fitter and stronger, lose weight, tone muscles, or simply feel better about yourself, we'll work together to make that happen.

Working together means we’ll get to know your personality, what motivates you, what lifestyle choices you make, how much time you want to train, how much time you want to rest, how much intensity you want. We can help you fall in love with taking care of yourself again.

Meet Patricia

Patricia Paisis-Oakwell
Patricia Paisis-Oakwell

Patricia is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a certified Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Level 5 Professional Diploma-Nutritional Therapist and Detox, Cleanse and Weight loss Advisor. She is qualified to teach older people and adolescents, with ages ranging from 5 to 105!  

'It’s an understatement to say that I am passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition. I live and breathe what I do, and I am extremely grateful to be able to share this with others.

11 years ago, I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, unhealthy and unhappy. I had three children under 7, ran two businesses with my husband (working nearly 100 hours a week) and I was very, very used to putting everything to do with myself last. I simply wasn’t a priority. As a result, my weight increased, and my health decreased, and with a young family who relied on me, it wasn’t an option to carry on neglecting my health.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve made it my ambition to help other people who are struggling, in a rut, or just don’t know where to start with making their health, both physical and mental, a priority.

Today, it’s all too easy to eat ‘conveniently’ and move as little as possible, and it’s no secret that we’re in a health and obesity epidemic. I can work with you to address the areas of your health. Hydration, sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, and mental health to make the most out of life. I know how difficult it can be to change everything you know and embark on this journey, but believe me when I say it’ll be the best decision you have ever made.'

Patricia is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach qualified from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and a Member of the UK Health Coaches Association. Details of the Scope of practise is available to view on the UK and international Health Coaching Association.


Functional Medicine Coaching Academy accreditations:  FMCA 

This is the only program designed in collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine - (IFM), an approved health and wellness coaching program by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching – (NBHWC). The IFM sets a gold standard for education, training, and clinical practice in the field of functional medicine, sharing many of the same faculty members and much of the same course content.

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