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Integrated Health and Fitnesss Yoga with Patricia Paisis-Oakwell


Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Yoga


Yoga is a holistic practice that harmonises the body, mind, and spirit. At Integrated Health and Fitness, I believe it's not just about physical postures; it's an opportunity to breathe, meditate, cultivate mindfulness, relax, and establish a profound connection with your body.


My approach draws from over 30 years of dedicated practice, training, and exploration in various yoga styles and intensities, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power, and many more. I specialise in Freestyle Yoga, Hot Yoga, Sculpt Yoga, and Freestyle Fitness Yoga,  offering a diverse range of options to suit your preferences and goals.


What makes my approach unique is my focus on the physical aspect of movements and flows while encouraging a deep connection with your body and breath. I guide my students to understand and embrace how their bodies move and feel in each pose, prioritising sensation over complexity. It's not about touching your toes; it's about how your body feel’s in the poses.


Regardless of your skill level, my classes are inclusive and adaptable. I encourage all students to learn, adjust, and adapt in a way that supports their unique bodies, ultimately laying the foundations for a stronger, fitter, and more functional self. 


Experience the transformative power of yoga with Integrated Health and Fitness. 

It's more than just a physical practice; it's a journey towards overall well-being and self-discovery.


Tuesday & Friday 12.30pm - 1.45pm | Hot Yoga | Places Leisure - Camberley

Thursday 10.30am - 11.30am | Sculpt Yoga | Lifestyle Fitness - Lightwater


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As a whole, our lives are more sedentary, and the general population often have more restricted movements and injuries, whether it be hips, knees, back, shoulders etc. The Yoga I teach is based on the many years of studying and training in functional movement, yoga anatomy and using my years of fitness teaching (as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, helping people rehabilitate from injury and complex health conditions.) 

I use clear and simple instructions. I teach beginners to advanced, super flexible and hyper mobile and offer the different levels and adaptions for the poses so that you can progress at a pace you are comfortable with. Each class is different and will challenge all the levels in a non-competitive environment. 

My motto is “We don’t compare and we don’t compete”.

Freestyle Yoga in Crete.
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This video is a taster of what my classes and 1-2-1 sessions are like, you can also purchase more of my videos below, these are more targeted towards specific health issues and you can use them to practice in your own time and at your own pace - a great addition to Your Journey.

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