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Justin Boorman

Tricia is an excellent PT and wellness coach who trains me as an individual rather than merely using a system. Her all round focus of training, yoga, stretching, nutritional advice and general good humour has really allowed progress to made on the rehabilitation of my knee post surgery.

Her advice and knowledge base has propagated all sorts of positive changes in my training and habits that have allowed me to maximise the benefits from the effort that I have inputted. I feel much safer and less prone to injury.

Patricia is without doubt the best PT I have worked with, but has also instilled wellness and other reflective habits that have been very positive. She doesn't preach. She listens, watches, and gently guides you back onto the path, so that it seems almost odd that you were ever off the path to start with.

I am delighted to thoroughly recommend her and would especially recommend her for people who have injured themselves training previously or who are suffering age related niggles.

Fiona Stuart-Clark

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and an overactive thyroid, emotionally I was all over the place, lacked motivation and genuinely felt unsupported. I had a few trial sessions with different PTs and none of them really understood I’d panic when my blood sugar would drop when I exercised and also I was quite unfit and most of them didn’t recognise I couldn’t keep up.


That was until I met Tricia, over the last year she’s helped me manage my blood sugar levels whilst keeping a varied range of exercises in our PT sessions from cardio (rowing, treadmill, boxing) and strength training. Whilst my fitness has gone from strength to strength, Tricia has also inspired me to eat healthier and just to look after myself and love myself for who I am.


These are life lessons that don’t come easy, especially when something earth shattering happens to you but Tricia has been a huge blessing to me and her sessions are the highlight of my week. It’s more than a PT session it’s more like exercising with a friend whose your biggest cheerleader!

Mandeep Virdi

Having trained with Tricia for around two years, it’s fair to say that Tricia’s contribution to my wife and I’s outlook on health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing has been huge.

My goals from starting personal training sessions was to lose weight, get fit and to start respecting my body more through better, more informed nutritional choices.

I found Tricia was keen to get ‘in the detail’ of the food choices I was making and overall, my limited appetite for exercise / wellbeing - this was critical because through our personal training sessions Tricia drove / encouraged a real desire to get leaner, fitter and make positive food choices ‘automatic’ - all of this was made even more important with a young family!

The two elements which stand out for me are;
1. Personal Training sessions - Creative, varied and they work! In particular, Tricia was excellent and establishing what goals I wanted to achieve whilst also addressing weaker areas.
2. Nutritional Advice - This was vital! Everything from a food diary to small substitutions to better / kinder options...critical to any regime but also better lifestyle.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tricia for anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle.”

John Thorne

Tricia helped transform my lifestyle! She put me through a circuit training regime to improve my overall fitness, inspired me to take up Yoga, which I now really enjoy and advised on a dietary system that enabled me to loose 2 stone in weight. Tricia is very knowledgeable and helped me get myself active, fit and healthy in a friendly fun way.”

Lucy Whitehouse

Tricia is spectacularly good and appreciating where you are in your life and what challenges you face. She supports from a place of no judgement and has an incredibly open mind. She has been a rock for me in my journey..”

Laura Pym

I started training with Tricia over 3 years ago after she was recommended to me on our local FB group when I was looking for a PT to come to my home and help me lose weight, get fit and basically help to re-motivate me and feel better about myself.

I have had weekly PT sessions with Tricia for over 3 years. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also makes my sessions both diverse and challenging - I have rarely done the same thing twice. She can advance or moderate an exercise on the spot to suit one's ability and also tailor sessions to accommodate injuries and requests!

Tricia was so, so patient when, at first, I wasn’t quite ‘in the right place’ to get to grips with what I needed to do to lose my excess ‘baby weight’! She was encouraging and supportive with absolutely no pressure to do what I wasn’t ready for. Now, however, under her encouraging guidance, I have lost nearly 6 stone to date and feel fab!

It’s not just the weight loss though, which was the journey that I initially set out on and had in mind for myself. I now live a whole different way of life and, under Tricia’s subtle guidance, have created new habits to make this sustainable! I am happier, healthier, fitter and stronger not just physically but mentally! I have definitely reignited my love of exercise, easily surpassing where it has ever been before!

I honestly could not recommend Tricia more highly!

Hayley Theobald

I have trained with Tricia for 2 years since having back surgery. Initially, the aim was to continue the light exercises from Physio and then improve my overall fitness, strength etc. I’ve had various other health issues in the time I’ve trained with Tricia and she has been patient, supportive and very knowledgeable. 


Tricia cares about her clients overall health and is constantly researching. She has since been a huge support in coaching me on anything from hormones, sleep, nutrition, stress, joint pain etc. I couldn’t recommend Tricia enough and am looking forward to the next stage in our training!

Simone Rose

I started yoga with Tricia a few months ago to improve my flexibility. I was quite nervous but she immediately made me feel at ease and her classes cater for all levels. She is very knowledgeable and gives you lots of encouragement and positive energy. Thank you Tricia for all your help and advice you give me and of course the fab yoga class each week!”

Kim Virdi

Tricia comes highly recommended after transforming mine and my husband’s attitude to exercise and diet. Tricia not only focuses on fitness goals but takes a more holistic approach to well-being including mental health and good eating habits. I started training with Tricia 6 weeks after having my second baby so I also highly rate her as an expert in post par-tum fitness. As well as being a great PT and nutritional therapist, Tricia is a thoroughly nice person who I enjoy spending time with so exercise never feels like a chore.”

Louis Button

I would like to give- Tricia my Yoga Flow teacher the highest recommendation. Tricia is an excellant, inspiring teacher. Her classes are brilliantly planned and seamlessly choreographed. 
She clearly and precisely explains and demonstrates how to achieve the various poses, postures and exercises with add ons and options for the different levels, according to our physical makeup and abilities. She helps and encourages us to achieve them. I have without question benefitted from her classes with significant increase in muscle strength and flexibility. I feel energised and refreshed after every lesson ,each one new, inspiring and fun! I come away looking forward to the next one. In short I am hooked on these classes.”

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