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Homemade Granola

This quick, simple and easy-to-make granola is perfect as a breakfast/cereal or an on-the-go protein snack pot. It could even be a dessert substitute with your favourite yoghurt and some berries. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free and by using seeds instead of nuts can be included in your children lunchboxes too.

Best of all, you can vary the recipe to suite your own tastes and requirements!

450g of gluten-free porridge oats
1 -2 cups of mixed seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin)
1 tbsp cinnamon (plus extra for a final sprinkle)
2-3 tbsp (melted) coconut oil
¾ cup desiccated coconut

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray.

In a bowl, add the oats, seeds, cinnamon and half of the desiccated coconut. Slowly bind with the melted coconut oil.

Lay out on the baking tray and spread evenly. Add the remaining desiccated coconut and sprinkle the extra cinnamon on top.

Place in the oven or under the grill for around 30 minutes. Halfway through the cooking time, use a spatula to turn over the granola to ensure a crunchy golden texture is reached across the whole tray.

Allow to cool and place in an airtight storage container.

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