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Pho in a Jar

Vietnamese and Thai cuisine is some of my favourite food in the world! I love the aromatic flavours and unique spices and it’s so easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle.


‘Pho’ is a Vietnamese noodle soup and is a popular street food type meal. It can be made with any type of meat, or vegetarian option such as tofu. You can use rice noodles, regular noodles or my favourite -boodles (noodle-like strips made from butternut squash).

You can prep this meal in advance to take for lunch at work, or even as a dinner after a workout. Best of all, it is full of flavour and not high in calories! You can use fresh, homemade chicken stock (we make ourselves after a roast chicken) or, if you need to transport it to work, you can use a stock cube (just add hot water from the kettle).

Please see the video for the full cooking method.

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